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Celebrating Over 40 Years Serving Southern Maine

Custom Home Building in Southern Maine

Celebrating Over 40 Years Building Homes in Southern Maine

Smart Equity Homes® System

Owner-Build Your Own Home in Southern Maine 

Save 20-35% and Up to $100,000 or More On Your New Custom Home With the Smart Equity IMG_3057Homes® System

Want to earn 20-35% in equity in your new home on the day it’s finished?
Dream of building a bigger and better house than what you can currently afford?
Want to potentially own the home of your dreams with little to no money down?

“I would say that you can make more money tax-free building your own home for yourself, that you live in, than any other way. I am on my 3rd owner-build project and by the time I move into house #3, I will have generated close to $370,500 in tax-free equity and profits.” – Ryan Paul Adams, Smart Equity Homes® System Creator

Yes, it’s true. I am on house #3 using the Smart Equity Homes System that I created about 10 years ago and by the end of completion on this home I will have close to $370,500 in tax-free equity and profits earned. It’s hard work but well worth it for those that are motivated and can follow instruction.

I can help assist you in building a brand new custom home with at least 20% or more in equity the day you move in with my Smart Equity Homes® System. This is only available in Southern Maine (1 hour radius of Kennebunk, ME) and limited to a handful of clients per year.

This is not for everyone but is perfect for those who have 2-3 hours per day, are organized, motivated, and able to manage a team of people. There is nothing more rewarding both personally and financially then building your own home and earning 20-35% in equity/savings

You Hire and Manage Your Own Contractors With My Assistance

You hire and manage your own contractors and act as you own general contractor with our assistance and our consulting. You are in full control of your project and pay for all your own materials and contractors with my recommendations, guidance, and assistance throughout the project. You can elect to build your home using traditional stick building, modular home systems, or even go with a panelized system.

I will help you make the right building decisions for you and your family and in line with your goals, and assist you through the initial land buying phase, design of your home, planning, estimating, permitting, maximize equity earned, help you get your home building project off the ground, and help you complete the home.

You can also elect to have me involved just through the initial planning and project start phase or you can have me involved throughout the entire home building process. We also offer a done for you “shell package” that will get you from excavation to weather tight and you can focus on finishing the rest of the home.

3 Available “Owner-Builder” Packages
Kick-Off Package
Complete Package
Shell Package (Excavation to Weather Tight Shell “Done for You:

I can get into the specifics of each program during our initial consultation call and figure out what program might be the best fit for you. And just to reiterate once more, I only offer this program in Southern Maine and within 1 hour of Kennebunk, ME. I might be able to stretch that slightly out of that one hour radius from my office, but not by much.

Total expected equity earned can range from 20-35% depending on how well you buy your land, manage your subcontractors, stay on budget,  and choose wisely with material and upgrade choices. This part is largely determined by how well you listen, follow instruction, and execute. I will help you through the process and you get to earn equity into your new home from day one by managing people and a specific process….not by banging nails.

As part of the Smart Equity Homes® System, I will act as your consultant only. You are responsible for paying all sub contractors, materials, and financing directly. And if you really get in a bind, Built By Adams, Inc, one of the oldest home builders in Southern Maine can step in at any point and take over the project (additional contract and costs to be determined at that time).

Free Consultation

Interested in taking that next step?
I offer an initial 1 hour Consultation to review with you your plans, ideas, questions, and determine if building your own home as an owner-builder is the right fit for you, and if I am the right fit to help you through this.

You see, I don’t work with everyone and nor am I the right fit for everyone. I am pretty selective about those I work with. This program is also very limited and exclusive and as I can only help a handful of people each year generate up to $100,000 or more in equity by building their own home.

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