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We Build Custom Homes in Kennebunkport, Maine. Guaranteed for 2 Years Workmanship + 10 Structural Warranty.

The search for the right home for you and your family in Kennebunkport and the Southern Maine area can feel endless. So many homes sound good on paper but just don't feel right when you visit them in person. It makes sense that a home built for someone else is missing something, though.

That's why we recommend building a home that is tailored to your need!

At Built By Adams, we understand that a custom home is just that - CUSTOM. It is with that understanding that has made us one of the leading custom home builders in Southern Maine for over 40 years.  We work extensively with each of our clients to ensure that we are not building the home we want.... we are building the home you want at the budget you are comfortable with investing.

We have over 30 pre-designed one story and two story home plans to choose from which can help streamline the home building process. Or bring us your own ideas and we can help you design and build the home of your dreams.

We love building homes in Kennebunkport. The town center, know as Dock Square area has a district of souvenir shops, art galleries, seafood restaurants, and bed and breakfasts. Cape Porpoise, while retaining its identity as a fishing harbor, has a very small village area with several restaurants, a church, grocery store, coffee shop, small library, and art gallery.

Kennebunkport is a fun beautiful area to build a home and live the good life!

About Built By Adams

badgeBuilt By Adams is one of Southern Maine's most experienced and reliable builders. We've built custom homes in the Kennebunkport, Maine area since 1976.

Our philosophy continues to be the same throughout the years - Do the Right Thing and Stand Behind Your Work. That is why we offer a 2 Year Workmanship Warranty (2x what most builders offer!) and a 10 Year Structural Warranty backed by 2-10 on any of our work.

In 2006, Built By Adams became the 1st builder in York County to make a 100% commitment to build all of our homes Energy Star rated homes. Along with energy efficient building practices, Built By Adams homes offer healthy indoor air packages, Energy Star lighting, and green building techniques to help build a home that is safe, comfortable, and performs....and we also work to reduce waste and help you save money on energy costs each and every month.

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"Built by Adams is a small, owner-owed home building company. G. Adams is known for his attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and satisfied customers. Having built residential homes, vacation homes, remodels, and small upgrades that homeowner's wish for, Mr. Adams is skilled and completes his projects on time."
Susan Lajoie

Custom Homes Gallery

Our Model Home The Kennaston The Stratford
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