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Celebrating Over 40 Years Building Homes in Southern Maine

Tips to Hiring a Home Builder in Southern Maine

Tips to Hiring a Home Builder in Southern Maine

Hiring a home builder is not a simple task. You have probably done an internet search and asked some friends if they have any recommendations but the results are often overwhelming.

What to Look For in a Home Builder

Referrals and an internet query are an important part of the process but the first thing you need to know is what to look for in a home builder.

Process – Make sure you understand the process used by the home builder. From consultation to design, estimating and completing the work. You want a builder who has a process that is simple and well thought out.

Licensing – There are no licensing and insurance requirements in Maine. Built By Adams is a member of the Maine Contractors Alliance and working towards an MCBA Builders Certification.

Reputation & Trust – Choosing a home builder is an important decision. Good ways to learn more about the builder you are considering is to talk to people they have worked with previously, look them up online and ask what certifications they hold and what associations they belong to.

Home Warranty – When you choose a builder you want their work to last for years and years to come. However it’s also important that in the event of an issue, that they will have your back. Looking for a builder with a warranty or guarantee associated with their work is vital. Built By Adams has a 2 Year Workmanship Warranty and a 10 Year Structural Warranty.

Service – What makes the home builder you are considering stand out in the crowd. For Built By Adams they have been providing high quality home building services in Southern Maine since 1976. Combine their expertise with a workmanship warranty, a highly skilled team and a commitment to energy efficiency and you have a recipe for a company you can trust.


One of the most important steps in hiring a home builder is hearing from people they have worked with. You may not be able to speak to them all personally but definitely look for a company that volunteers testimonials from customers and shares them online.

Warning Signs

Unfortunately builders do sometimes take advantage of home owners. Recently in Union Maine, Castle Builders is accused of defrauding  a large number of their clients. An article by News Center Maine reports there have been 74 complaints to date. This article serves as an example of the worst case scenario and highlights the importance of researching your contractor before you hire them. Watching for warning signs like requesting extremely high down payments is important as well. A down payment on a project should not typically exceed 10% of the job cost.

Built By Adams

If you are looking for a custom home builder in Southern Maine, consider reaching out to Built By Adams today. We offer a Free Consultation but you can always email us info@builtbyadams.com or give us a call at 1-207-490-9886 to discuss your project and hear more about our business, our team and our work!



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